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OfficeInAction (OIA) is an online Project Management, Networking and Productivity Tool.  This Virtual Office Online comes with integrated file systems, in-house staff communication and Help Desk solutions.

Increase your organization productivity and accuracy.  Decrease error and missed communication between staff or clients.

OIA is a sophisticated and powerful networking tool meant to be accessible from anywhere via the internet.  Yet, it's designed to not only have ease-of-use as a top priority but also designed to scale easily, i.e. it is ideal for single user and it can also accommodate business of any size - even large corporation.

Now you can enjoy the total control over your work from anywhere, and at anytime. Your files, appointment book, work progress and communication tool with your work group are right at your figure tips.  It's safe and secure online.  Follow up or share your files or projects with your work group or clients. No need to carry your notebook computer with you. Internet Cafe will do!!

Please take our 10-15 minute tour and you will find why OIA has all the tools necessary to help you or your business grow through increase in productivity and enhanced communication.
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