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OIA is a sophisticated yet easy to use online office/business management tool.  It can accommodate business of any size - even large corporation;  We can further customize OIA to fit to your organization's needs.  Please contact sales for more details.

Here are some questions and answers.

Do I need to install anything on my computer to use OIA?
Not at all. Your OIA account is on our server and it is online. You can use any computer via the internet to access your account, any where any time.
Is OIA easy to use?
We think it is as easy as using your your e-mail online. Within 15 minute after you take our on-line tour, you should be able to start using your OIA.
Is OIA secure?
Absolutely. OIA provides you with SSL (secure server layer -  128 bit encrypted). You can choose to access your OIA account with SSL, or without.
How many users per group for each OIA account?
OIA can handle any number of users per Group, starting from a group with 1 user.  Please visit our Package Plan page for more details.
Can I backup my own files and data from OIA?
Yes, OIA allows you to backup your files and data to your own personal computer for safe keeping. 
Can I restore my files in case of any problem?
Yes.  However there will be a small service fee for restoring data from your previous backup.
Instead of partial sharing, can we share everything with all user?
Not with this version.  However, we do have a customized version (for 10 user and up) that can be set to have no restriction on sharing, i.e. everything is shared among the users in the same group. Please contact sales for more details.
If our group run out of space, can we add more space?
Yes, adding space is simple. Please see the Package Plan page for more details.  To order, send e-mail to sales@officeinaction.com.

Note: Your OIA File page will tell you how much space you have used for your group, and how much is left.
How long will our files be saved on the server?
For two years.  Any files or data that are over two years old, will be deleted automatically. 

If you want to keep your files more than 2 years, please contact sales for more details.

Will I be able to view my backup off-line?
Yes, the Backup utility actually backs up your data and store them in XML format.  These files can be viewed anytime, even offline, by simply opening them with Internet Explorer (5.0 and above).  

In the near future, OIA will offer offline software that will enable you to not only browse or filter your data in the backup file while offline, but also make changes to your data offline.  These changes can later be "uploaded" back to your online OIA data


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