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With OIA, they can work easily together.  Eric and Lisa both have access to their common (shared) assignment.  They can see what each other has done and can easily assign work to each other.   Note that Eric can only see what Lisa wants him to see (share project).  

The same is true for Lisa.  With OIA, one gets to decide what information is kept private versus what's to be shared.  That way, both Eric and Lisa can keep their personal stuffs private, while only exposing certain information that needs to shared. 

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I can access my work even when I am at home or on my way to any trips. 

It nice to be able to communicate with Lisa about work during vacation time

I kept all my work and personal stuff in OIA

I went to visit my parents in Ohio and can simply access OIA on my dad's computer. I don't need to carry my notebook computer anymore.

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