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I usually go to my "Event" first thing when I login to my OIA.

OIA has a neat way to summarize events with the utility call "A"-list. (Accomplish List)

I really get a bird's eye-view of my events.  I get to see not only events for today, but also events that are ahead in the next 2 days and for the past 5 days.  Not only that, it also show me things that I need to but have not been scheduled yet (i.e. unscheduled).

I can tell if an event is done because there's a checkbox next to it to indicate that's it's done.  I can quickly click on a checkbox to instantly mark it done or open.

With "A"-list, everything about event is in one page. If you want to edit your events, simply click at the unscheduled or scheduled event, it will bring up the editing tool on the right side. 

Very convenience for me to work on my events. 

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Note: This screen shot is Eric's OIA account

I also like the fact that you can quickly move events around, i.e. you can easily re-schedule an event to a different day or even to  "unscheduled."  

All you need to do is click on the event and change the date or click the "unscheduled" checkbox. It's so quick and easy!


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