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This is another event.  As you can see, I didn't share this event with Lisa because I would like to keep this particular event private to myself only. 

This particular event keeps track of the communication and work done by me for a client about their home improvements.  

I like the idea that I can easily keep track of my expenses by using the Amount field in the event. 

As you can see, I have entered an amount for $500.00 for the event to account for the procurement of materials for the Home Improvement project for this client.

I can easily account for reimbursement by enter a negative amount in a separate event.

I can later get a tally of all the expenses or reimbursements for this project by filtering for all events for this project at the regular List view.  OIA will automatically give me a tally for the project.

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Note: This screen shot shows Eric's OIA account


I don't see this event in my OIAEric is doing this Home Improvement project himself.

I can also do the same thing - create my own client accounts and not share with anyone. Eric will not be able to see my events or project unless I had expressly shared them with him.


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