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Here is my "Files" page.  I can add a file to my File List in two ways -- I can create a new file directly on-line (text files only), or I can upload it from my PC.

Once the file is on my list, I can either view it, make changes to it online (text files only) or download it to my PC anytime. 

It's great for keeping documents and forms that I need to get access to regularly.  I no longer have to keep forms like contracts and agreements on a diskette or CD and carry it with me everywhere.  With OIA, I can get to any computer with an internet connection and have instant access to my documents! 

I  can organize by attaching any files to any projects or accounts that I have.  That way, when I pull up an project or account, I can instantly get access to all the files related to it. 

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Note: This screen short shows Eric's OIA account



If your company needs to put up a knowledgebase or help desk, you can organize all your help desk documents to a "Help Desk" project which is set to share to all users in your Group. 

Also, to find a document is really a snap because OIA comes with a powerful search feature.  You can search for a document by any word in the document title or even the document's contents !

Don't worry, we have a complete set of instructions on how to create your Help Desk in our fully illustrated Online Help Manual.


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