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We have been talking about Categories so many times. Some of you may wonder how to set up those categories.

Easy!  OIA's Setup page lets you maintain your own set of Categories, whether it's for use with your accounts, projects, events, links or forum.

You can also manage users in your group here if you are the group's Admin.

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Note: This screen shot shows Eric's OIA account


Yes, it is really very simple. At the Setup page, Just select any one of the options available to you on the Setup menu on the left side of the page. 

Once selected, all the categories for the selected menu item will shown on the right.  You then have the option to either Add, Edit or Delete these categories.

In the example shown here, the categories shown are a list of Account Types.  Note that OIA is smart enough to know if any of those Account Types are actually in use.  The Del (delete) option will only be available for those Account Types that are not in use. 


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