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I love the Forum feature!  I always think of it as a "virtual" meeting place where you can freely discuss with your fellow co-workers about anything.

While any one user in a Group can add posting to a Forum topic, only Admin level users can create Topics of discussion.

Once you have selected a topic, you'll get to see all the discussion postings for that topic to date, with the latest one shown at the top.  

You will get to edit or delete your own posting only (to correct any typos or to retract something that you had posted!) but you can't touch anyone else's posting.  For example, I can delete or change Lisa's posting.

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Note: This screen shot shows Eric's OIA account

Well, our company only have Eric and I.  So, we usually use the Message feature (I will tell you about it in the next page) to send messages to each other instead. 


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