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While the Forum feature lets us have a open discussion about any topics, the Message feature in OIA lets us communicate with each other directly and in private.  

Here is an example of my "Message" outbox.

It shows that I have sent two messages to Lisa.  OIA lets you know whether or not any of your messages sent have been read.  In this example, you can see that Lisa has only read or open one of the two messages that I have sent her. 

The following image is Lisa OIA Account's Page. I will let her explain how she can detect an incoming message.

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Note: This screen shot is Lisa's OIA account



Thanks Eric.

When Eric send me a message, I will receive a blinking red light next to my Message Menu.

It's an indication that I have unread messages.  Once all the messages are read, the blinking red light will disappear. 

By the way, the second screen show also illustrate how I can tell if a project has been shared by Eric to me.   Look carefully and you will know what I mean!


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